Commercial services

Langezaal Bedrijfsmakelaars has a complete package of services in the field of commercial housing. Our commercial real estate agents can assist you with the purchase/sale and the rental/rental of office space, retail space, practice spaces and business premises, as well as with appraisals, property management and investing in commercial real estate.

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Real estate advice and guidance

Langezaal can guide you from A to Z; from the search for a suitable construction site to the delivery of a new business premises. We are experts in the financial and legal field, strong in making clear agreements between the various parties, completely at home in the local market, and thanks to our extensive network we can mediate quickly and represent the interests of our customers optimally.

Valuations of commercial real estate

Our appraisers are recognized and have years of experience. As a result, you can rest assured that our valuations are professional and reliable. We substantiate valuations in a concise report that provides a clear insight into the market value of the property. Based on this report, you can not only make a good purchase or sale decision yourself, but you can also use it during financing discussions with your bank.

Investing in commercial real estate

Investing in commercial real estate can be a stable investment. Langezaal Bedrijfsmakelaars has extensive experience with mediation and advice on investments in all types of real estate. Our goal is always the highest possible return on your investment.

Commercial real estate management

You have invested in commercial real estate. Then of course you want that investment to at least retain its value, and preferably increase in value. Adequate management, which guarantees the function and investment of the property, is essential in this respect. Langezaal Bedrijfsmakelaars can take care of the management for you. You can expect this from us, among other things:

  • alert monitoring of rental payments
  • keeping tabs on statutory rent increases
  • finding qualified new lessees
  • realizing a good return in the event of sale
  • providing preventive maintenance

Second opinions

Langezaal also provides second opinions. For example, if you want more certainty about a valuation or a service from another party. We can test valuations and services on the basis of objective criteria and provide you with substantiated advice.

Fees for our business services

Valuation commisions: On request

Brokerage fees for the purchase/sale or rental of commercial real estate

Our services for the purchase/sale or rental/rental of commercial real estate are tailor-made. We are happy to provide you with the rates for this on request. Feel free to call us for more information: 070-385-1101.


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