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We have been specializing in guiding the sales process for almost 60 years. We have the network, the tools and the right enthusiastic people for the best service. We are happy to visit you without obligation to explain how we work.

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What is my house worth?

To get an idea of what your house is worth, you can calculate the price by entering a few details. You will receive a report with the estimated value of the home within a few minutes by email.

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We would be happy to visit you without obligation for an exact sales proceeds. Fill in the form below to make an appointment for a no-obligation sales plan.

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Professional, personal & thorough

We keep a close eye on the housing market and are aware of the latest developments, so that we can advise you well and remain critical of the possible buyer of your home. Of course we take our years of experience with us.


We are happy to help!

We are delighted to mediate the sale of your property.
In the following steps, you can read and follow everything that you will expect.

The sales plan

You will receive from us a questionnaire that entails our services and a note of the start-up costs and media package. After filling in this questionnaire, We would like to make an appointment with you at our Office to take you through the completed questionnaire wherein we request a maximum of 30 minutes of your time.
Please note: Do not forget your energy label! If you do not have one yet, kindly check
We will start the sales procedures after we receive all the requested documents, the start-up costs and (not forgetting)your keys.


Presentation of the property

The photographer will contact you within a few days to make an appointment to take pictures of your property. We kindly request that all pieces of furniture be on the side. During this
appointment will also be measuring your property for the
floor plan. The listings are written in Dutch and English.
 After  these procedures, we will send you by mail the pictures and floor plan for approval
so we can list your property on the Internal Brokers system, Funda and our various media platforms.

Working with various networks

We bring your property daily under the attention of the carefully targeted group. In bringing your property to the media, our team uses promotions and different networks, to accurately target the right encounters in the online media!

The viewings

In consultation with you, we start with viewings and or plans an open house following the number of comments on your property.
We always keep you informed about the reaction and responses we get from the viewers so that you are equally aware.
Are you satisfied with our services?
We will be happy if you give us a sincere rating on Funda or Facebook!


We discuss negotiation terms in consultation with you about the price or organise a tender. A tender brings all interested parties to come up with a closing bid within a specific date and time. Our team takes into consideration what strategy is best suitable to give you the best sales result.

Cheers, SOLD!

As soon as an agreement is reached, we prepare the
concept title deed and send these to you for approval
and then to the buyer.  When both parties agree, then you may come to sign the documents alone, or we make a joint appointment with the buyer if possible.
After signing (at 00:00 o'clock of the day that the buyer has
agreed upon) is a three day grace period.


And after the sales?

The buyer chooses which notary the transfer will take place. On buyer's request, we plan an appointment for the valuation and construction inspection if applicable. These agreements are usually within a few
days after accordance is scheduled. We make sure that all the required documents are sent on time to the notary. The transfer takes place on
the agreed date. The notary lets you know at any time the
transfer will take place. We plan on the moving date a final
inspection after this is the appointment at the notary for the transfer and signing of the deed.


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