Property valuations

Are you looking for a fast and professional valuation report of a property? Langezaal offers you a wide variety of valuations.

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Why valuation?

A valuation report may be required to purchase a property, to get a mortgage or finance a renovation, to determine the rental value of a property or to file a tax return.

Money lenders such as banks and insurers do not accept just any valuation. Langezaal is a member of NWWI, a Dutch validation institute for property valuation, which has designed clear and transparent guidelines.



Uw huis laten taxeren?

Vraag met onderstaand formulier eenvoudig in 5 stappen uw taxatie-opdracht aan.

Taxaties worden onder het NWWI keurmerk uitgevoerd. Na ontvangst van het formulier neemt onze taxateur contact met u op.

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