Moving from one country to another is one of the most stressful things a person can live through. Leaving friends and family behind for an adventure or career opportunity abroad. Once arrived in the Netherlands, an expat will find that almost everything is different as he or she is used to. A different language, a different culture and not to mention the numerous amount of bikes!


Every expat has a different story and a different background, but have one thing in common. They need to find (temporary) home in The Hague. Finding a new home is a tricky thing, there are many rules and regulations most expats are not aware of.

Langezaal NVM Makelaars has the experience to assist where needed when it comes to housing. We are certified by the Dutch Brokers Association (NVM) and will therefore provide you with adequate information when it comes to renting or buying. Due to our professionalism with a personal touch, we are able to take away the pressure when it comes to finding a home in The Hague.

Langezaal, your Certified Expat Broker.

Buying a house or apartment is probably one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever take in your life. As an expat it can be even more of a challenge, especially for those who aren’t very familiar with the Netherlands and its diverse neighborhoods.

Our specialised Expat Brokers will contact you, discuss your wishes and match those with the desired neighborhoods and properties. They have also a lot of knowledge when it comes to legislation and specific financial issues around buying a home in the Netherlands.


Finding a home to purchase is also possible through an English speaking buyers agent who will be on your side from the start (exploring search criteria) up until the end (signing the deed at the notary). Weather you have arrived moments ago or have been in Den Haag for some time, Langezaal NVM Makelaars has the expat experience to guide you home

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