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Buying a house is best done with an expert. Avoid disappointment and get profesional advise and guidance from the best in real eastate

Are you looking to buy a home in The Hague or the surrounding area? As a professional agency with 50 years of experience we offer excellent service to our customers wanting to buy a property. You are welcome for consultation

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From finding your dream home to transfer of title at a civil-law notary.

It is presently difficult to find a suitable home through home-buying websites like

The offers available is limited and demand is high. Other prospective buyers are hard on your heels viewing the same limited stock. Are you making the right decisions under the circumstances or do things look slightly more rose-tinted than they actually are? What is the value of the property? If there is one thing the seller’s agent wants to achieve it is maximum yield for his client! For a realistic understanding of the current property market it makes sense to enlist a real estate agent to represent your interests.

We have been buying homes for over 50 years. We can supervise the entire purchasing process for you; from exploring your wishes to transfer of title at a civil-law notary. We offer tailored services in purchasing a property. Please contact our office for more information.

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