Mortgages & Insurance

For customised advice on mortgages and insurances, we work together with two independent financial consultants, Park Adviesgroep and Storm & Nieuwdorp.

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Mortgages & Insurance

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Buying a home is not only an emotional process, it is probably the largest investment in your life. To finance your dream, you will need to arrange finance in the form of a mortgage loan, like most people. What type of mortgage best suits you depends on your personal situation.

Park Adviesgroep and Storm & Nieuwdorp specialise in mortgage loans and insurance. They do business with all banks and insurance companies in the Netherlands. They are therefore very well equipped to find the best solution for your situation and needs.

They can also advise you on capital accumulation and pension issues.

For more information on mortgage loans and all kinds of insurance please contact us, or get in touch with Park Adviesgroep or Storm & Nieuwdorp. 






Park adviesgroep

Parkweg 243, 2271 BB Voorburg

Tel: 070 711 02 65

Storm & Nieuwdorp

Van Arembergelaan 84, 2274 BW Voorburg

Tel: 070 312 36 36

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