How well are the photos of objects on funda viewed?

How well are the photos of objects on funda viewed?

Funda answers the question of the month of March. In the section 'Funda answers' Funda answers a question from a real estate agent every month. This month a question that returns regularly: how well are the photos of objects on funda viewed?

Most searchers decide whether they want to know more about a house based on the property photos, according to research funda conducted among consumers. They often view several houses in a row on Funda. They work quickly: once on the object page, searchers decide within a few photos whether they think it is worth viewing even more photos. Or that they don't like a house and would rather continue looking.

Which photo is viewed the most?

So it is not very surprising that the chance that someone will see a photo is greatest if it is the first or second photo in the presentation. And that the main photo is viewed much more often than, for example, the fourth or fifth photo. On a desktop, searchers initially only see the first four photos on the item page and, if there is one, a video. If they look on their mobile, they only see the main photo. They therefore have to put more effort into the other images.

By comparison: compared to photo 1, searchers only view photo 2 a quarter (25%) of the time and photo 3 even only 9%. From then on things slow down a bit: photo 4 and the video are viewed about as often as photo 3 (8%), but with photo 10 this is only 1%. And we're not even talking about photo 50 or 80...

Does it make sense to post a lot of photos?

One percent or less may sound like very little, but with more than sixty million visits per month, that is still hundreds of views per photo. So it certainly pays to upload more photos, even if only a very small portion of searchers actually view them all.

Video is an excellent way to convince doubters

Funda knows that potential buyers do view all photos before contacting the real estate agent. The same applies to the video: it is an excellent way to show doubters more of a home and thus convince them. And that is why the fiftieth photo is also useful: it can contain just that one detail that gives someone a good feeling about the home and persuades them to schedule a viewing.

Photo sequence

Because the chance that someone will see a photo decreases quickly, it is important that you think carefully about the order of your photo presentation. Funda's tip: show the highlights of the home with the first four photos (or five, if you don't add a video). For example, the front view, the luxurious kitchen or newly renovated bathroom and the sunny backyard. This increases the chance that someone will become interested in also viewing the other photos.

So don't start your object presentations with lots of photos of the hall or facade from different angles, because you want to follow a logical route through the house, for example. It is better to only do this after the first four (or five) photos. Our research also shows that consumers sometimes find a logical order useful. But first you have to grab their attention with a few highlights.


Source: Funda article


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