Invloed van private lease op hypotheek

Invloed van private lease op hypotheek

Many people do not realize that a private lease affects your mortgage. The contract of your private lease car is registered with the BKR (the Credit Registration Office), under the code OA (Operational Autolease). This means that a private lease car affects the maximum amount that you can borrow.

Change of BKR test from April 1, 2022
Private lease consists of two parts: a financial part and a service part (for maintenance, tax, repair and insurance). Until April 1, 2022, only the financial part will be registered with the BKR, which amounts to 65% of the total lease sum. From April 2022, the BKR will register all new private car lease contracts for 100% of the total sum and no longer for 65% of the total sum. As a result, the full sum is included in the calculation of the maximum mortgage. This can cause that you can get a lower mortgage in 2022 than in 2021 if you have a private lease contract. It is not yet known what the BKR will do with private car lease contracts that already exist on April 1, 2022.

Buying a house with a private lease contract
If you want to enter into a private lease contract, it is wise to consider whether you intend to buy a house during the term of the contract. Keep in mind that the lease contract can have a major impact on your loan amount. What can be a solution is to pay a part in advance when entering into the lease contract. This is not possible with every leasing company. Another option is to buy off the existing lease contract when you want to buy a house. Check the contract carefully in advance, because it states what the consequences are of dissolving the agreement. You often have to pay a few installments as a lump sum payment or, for example, a fine of 40% of the remaining lease installments. It is often the question whether you will ultimately benefit from this.

If you have already bought a house and you then conclude a private lease contract, this will not affect your current mortgage.

Please note: this only concerns private leasing, not business leasing.


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