How important do searchers think an energy label is?

As the effects of the energy crisis become increasingly apparent, people want to keep energy bil...

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Obligation energy label C: avoid fines

Office buildings larger than 100 m2 must have energy label C or higher from 2023 according to th...

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Starter story: Thalisa (25) bought a fix-upper in Mariahoeve

Thalisa (25) bought her first apartment in Mariahoeve at the beginning of this year. The apartm...

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Starter's story: a fix-upper in Bezuidenout

Hannah (27) & Niels (27) bought their first apartment in Bezuidenhout last August, which sti...

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Investing in sustainability increasingly pays off

A home with an energy label C is worth 7.9% more on average than a comparable home with a G lab...

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10 tips for selling your house

With these tips you can start selling today The bullet is through, you are going to sell you...

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What is the maximum mortgage I can get?

Before you search for your first home to buy, you need to know what your maximum mortgage is. Y...

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These adjustments immediately add value to your house

According to Funda, these are five popular renovations that immediately increase the value of y...

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